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Theater of Dimensions


Música: banda Xandria

Theater of Dimensions

Entrevista à banda de metal sinfónico alemã fundada em Bielefeld, no ano de 1994.

Thank you for the opportunity of this interview.

Steven: You`re welcome! Thank you for your support!

1. Talk about the band Xandria: How did you grow as a band with the changes?

Steven: I see the carreer of a band and life in general as a sum of constant changes. Every single thing changing takes you one step further in your natural development, your own personal evolution. This counts for each and every one of us as single persons as well as for a band, its sound, look or whatever.

To sum it up: Those “changes” are this one thing that keep pushing us forward.

2. After the successful in 2014 of the Sacrificium, Theater of Dimensions what's different?

Steven: Well we follow more or less the path we chose with the defining “Neverworlds End” album. On “Theater Of Dimensions” we tried to push everything to the max. More Epic, more symphonic, catchier, heavier… just more of everything. It was a lot of fun to work on record like this. Who knows how the next will sound!? But it will DEFINITLY sound 100% like Xandria!

3. As for the Tour where they will pass and what can the fans expect of the Xandria?

Steven: I always considered Xandria as a Killer, Kick Ass Liveband. On stage all those beautiful epic moments from the records come to life. We don`t want anyone to go home without having the time of their lives. Sweaty, the voices wrecked and completely happy ;-)

4. In Portugal the symphonic metal has been gaining more lovers like your band that has done an excellent job in this sense, I ask if they think that it should be more promoted or if they are already in the right way?

Steven: Well this kind of music is on the rise. But on the other hand when you look for example at all the big festivals you have like 20 Death Metal bands and only 1(!) symphonic metal band which is, at least to me, a bit weird. Because, as you already said, there are a lot of people that are interested in this kind of music. So there is still a long way to go but with the support of the fans it is absolutely doable. It`s a long way to the top…

5. For all there is inspiration. What's yours?

Steven: Musically we gain our influences from all the classic metal stuff from 80ies or 90ies as well as from soundtracks and movie scores. Lyrically almost everything can inspire you. There is world around you that serves you a vast menue of topics it is worth to write about…. You have just to switch on the news.

Susana Galveia e obrigada ao Steven e à Claudia Steinlechner - Napalm Records

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