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Contemporary Style Earrings
for Modern Women
Studs are the need as well as a desire of each young lady that if she would have each sort of ear danglers for each unique events. Also, the most shimmering thing is that they are accessible in...
Tula Boutique Wows and
Empowers Women
With one solid year under her belt as Tula Boutique’s new owner, Chrystie Shimko is devoting her efforts to make Tula a one-stop shop for everyone. Her first initiative is the expansion of the...
The Art of Fashion
Gallery Z on Federal Hill in Providence is set to present their exhibit “The Art of Fashion” for the second year in a row. The exhibit will open on Wednesday, May 9 and run through Sunday, June 3...
Having helmed Ensemble as executive director for three decades now, Tina Tahiliani Parikh is a pioneer in the field of fashion retail in India. As an active player in the Indian fashion scene, she...
Millennial fashion on the
Ah, millennials! It’s used by those exasperated by the fast moving, non-conforming, media-savvy generation. Whether we understand them or not, millennials are the future of fashion consumption –...
Australia’s first
sustainable fashion
conference just happened
On Wednesday morning Patrick Duffy, the New York-based co-founder of Global Fashion Exchange, gave a keynote speech at Australia’s first circular fashion conference, namechecking Ginger and...
Fashion designer reports
threats, porn on FB
A 25-year-old woman, who filed an abduction and assault case against a cab driver, is getting threat messages and pornographic content on Facebook. The victim, a fashion designer by profession,...
Olivia Munn wears a diamond
choker 'every day'
The 37-year-old actress has revealed she cannot leave the house without wearing her Anita Ko bejewelled accessory, and she will almost always adorn the expensive item to complete her outfit. When...
The ultimate guide to
trends in the New Year
Keeping up with trends can certainly be tedious business. Chokers were all the rage in 2016 but suddenly they’re topping every ‘trends that need to die’ list. We’d only just reached the point...
Coach Threw a Massive
Neon-Lit Motel Party
Coach Threw a Massive Neon-Lit Motel Party for Its 75th Anniversary Here’s the thing with pre-fall — it’s a season of loosely organized showroom appointments that’s really just meant for press...
Reinventing fashion with
Renewal Workshop
The problem in the fashion industry isn’t fashion itself: it’s the harmful impact of creating that fashion and the waste generated when that fashion is landfilled instead of circulated...
The third day of VN
International Fashion Week
The third day of VN International Fashion Week The Ao Dai ABC by Dinh Van Tho collection offers an impression of the high life from a past that’s long gone. All of its signature long tunic...
Hollywood's Favorite Bomber
How a Vivid Dream and Guns N' Roses Helped Ayler Young Create Hollywood's Favorite Bomber Jacket In a little over eight months, musician Ayler Young has not only established a bustling bomber...
How Lacoste Became an
Upscale Brand Again
Back in the 1980s, Lacoste polo shirts were so ubiquitous in North America that the French brand’s popularity sparked a backlash, captured by the saying, “Save an alligator, kill a prep.” The...
Amazon Fashion Sashays
Across U.S. and Europe
Amazon is already the biggest online clothing retailer in the U.S., thanks to the huge volumes of affordable basics and private label items it ships. Not content with conquering the mass market,...
Does Prince George Know How
to High Five
In case you haven’t noticed, Prince George is on vacation in Canada with his family. This heavily publicized and well-scheduled trip obviously included a meeting with our Northern neighbor’s...
The Alexander Wang Party
Last Night
The Alexander Wang Party Last Night Was a Paean to Fast Food and Consumerism Nestled into the midpoint of Fashion Week, the Alexander Wang party is reliably a safe space for fashion people to...
Indian Garment Workers
Demand Enforcement of 30
Percent Pay Raise
Hundreds of textile workers in India's Tamil Nadu state have launched protests to demand that the first minimum wage increase in the southern state in more than 12 years is enforced. In July, the...