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Everything you need to know about the caravan alarm


For your holidays, you have decided to stay in a caravan? That's perfect! But as it keeps all your equipment and luggage, it will be necessary to think of putting it well in safety. Setting up a caravan alarm is an excellent solution if you want to protect it. In this post, find out everything you need to know about this accessory.

What is a caravan alarm?

First of all, a caravan alarm is an alarm like any other. Indeed, it has the same functionalities as a house alarm, that is, it integrates several detectors (open door detector, motion detector, glass break detector, etc.), a central and a siren, but it is specially designed to adapt to a caravan. Just like the alarm in the house, this alarm protects the caravan against any kind of intrusion or burglary. Moreover, in the event of a theft, this device can at the same time deter burglars to quickly escape and alert you. At the slightest detection of an intruder, the detectors send a signal to the alarm centre, which will then rf wireless control the activation of the sirens of the luminous signs.

Good reasons to get a caravan alarm

As mentioned above, setting up a caravan alarm long range rf remote control system not only protects the caravan itself, but also helps to protect the objects and elements that are placed inside. Be aware that even if you have a reliable locking system, it will not prevent burglars or malicious people from trying to enter your trailer. It is for this reason that the installation of this device is required.

By opting for a caravan alarm, you will no longer fear that an intruder will break into your caravan. Imagine, for example, that a criminal breaks the window to try to steal something. By detecting this action, the glass break detector transfers it directly to the control unit and then emits an audible signal. This way, you will be alerted directly and the thief will flee. Remember that 98% of burglars always run away when they hear an alarm go off.

Electric radiator: what are its advantages?

You wish to have precise information on the operation of electric radiators? Here are a few things that will help you understand their characteristics and choose the equipment best suited to your needs.

Electric radiator: how did it evolve?

Much less restrictive than existing heating systems, it seduces households by offering them real freedom: it is no longer necessary to purchase fuel oil, and electric radiators are very simply switched on! In addition, it is less expensive to install and avoids major work. He has everything to please! Households are therefore massively equipping themselves with electric radiators. But the many advantages of this new heating method are quickly tarnished by two major defects: electric radiators consume a lot of energy and the comfort they provide is not as satisfactory as that provided by central heating wireless remote control systems. Fortunately, the electric radiator continued to evolve. To learn more about electric radiators, visit this page.

What are the advantages of the inertia radiator?

Today, there is a very sophisticated type of electric radiator: the inertia radiator. Thanks to its advanced technology, it meets all current requirements in terms of comfort and efficiency. There are many models of inertia radiators, but they all work in the same way: a heating core stores the heat and then slowly diffuses it, allowing an even distribution of heat in the rooms to be heated. Accumulation also saves money because even when switched off, the inertia heater continues to heat. It is therefore as simple to install and use as the first electric rf remote radiators, but it consumes much less energy and provides exceptional thermal comfort.

Electric radiator and home automation

The use of electric radiators can be further optimised with the help of home automation. Accompanied by high-performance home automation equipment, radiators can be programmed to precisely meet the needs of their users. By heating only when necessary, they save energy.