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Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie from Anne Wiggins


Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie from Anne Wiggins

Its not very often that wholesale Christmas costumes you can look through every item in a collection and think ‘I want one' but when you look at the simple styles from Anne Wiggins you will definitely want one

!Lets talk about the ethical side first. corset skirts sets As a Buddhist for over twenty years its important to Anne to make sure that her items are manufactured in the most ethical way which is why the worms that produce the silk are allowed to mature into moths before the silk is harvested from the cocoons, it takes more time and its more expensive but the moths get to live their lives. Its not just the moths that are looked after though, the factories that produce the garments are independently spot checked to make sure all employees are over 17 years old and none of them work more than a 50 hour week. There's an awful lot of exploration in the fashion industry and its nice to see a a designer standing by her morals and making sure they are kept by her suppliers.

Now onto the nightwear. Its probably the most alt Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie simple range of pure silk nightwear you'll find with cuts and styles that make you want to melt into the fabric. You can have any item as long as its in white and the range consists on a lovely floaty camisole, short jacket, robe, short and log gowns and some silk PJ's. As you've probably gathered this is not cheap nightwear but to be honest its not the most expensive either, prices range from £175 to £245 and you can buy online from Caressa Lingerie.


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