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Places to Wholesale Bikini When You’re Not White.


Places to Wholesale Bikini When You’re Not White.

Shopping for so-called “nude” items lingerie china has long been a source of incredible frustration for me. Most items labeled nude are in fact a specific kind of peachy light beige, aka the skin color of some white people. I’m mixed-race, so this tone doesn’t work for me (or for the majority of the humans on this planet).

But over the past few years, many brands have WholesaleBikini Wholesale Bikini started making a concerted effort to bring more skin tone options to women of color. Christian Louboutin introduced a collection of “Les Nudes” pumps in 2013, starting with five different colors and still expanding. Black-owned beauty brands continue to provide more options for women of varying skin tones. Even mainstream makeup companies have been steadily upping their selections of nude nail polishes, foundations, concealers, and more. Savvy businesspeople and fed-up shoppers have created their own lines of diverse hosiery and dancewear.

And thankfully, there’s been a huge push to provide more underwear options for women of color, too; here, I’m sharing 13 places to shop for nude underwear that come in more shades than just light beige. Underwear is notoriously hard to shop for in any color, so having this many nude options online — and in this many size ranges — is a win.


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