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Does Dropshipping Work


Dropshipping is the innovative art of selling goods from an online shop. You sell other company's products on their behalf by advertising such products in your online shop and directing buyer requests to the manufacturers. This article aims at showcasing dropshipping: how it works.

Helpful ideas for dropshipping include that you need to identify a lucrative niche and focus on it. You may sell Health and Fitness products, Automotive parts, Animal products, Lifestyle products, etc. You need adequate research to identify areas with minimal transaction costs. To really do well in dropshipping business, it will be wise to belong to an online community of people that share the same business interest. But many people ask, does dropshipping work? Dropshipping really works just as Jim Cockrum proves in his dropshipping training course on Amazon.

First off, let's take a look at the dropshipping business model in the follow picture:


Why Dropshipping Really Works?

Some people are of the opinion that dropshipping is not workable. They think that it does not work due to the problems that have been associated with dropshipping business. Some of these problems include:

1.When Items Are Out Of Stock

This problem is the most common problem faced by many people engaged in the dropshipping industry. In as much as many e-commerce companies provide adequate information to their customers about which products are available at a particular point in time, downtimes still occur. Downtimes are times when the products ordered by the customer are out of stock. If this problem is not managed well, customers become disappointed and may cancel their orders and stop doing business with the dropshipping company. Anyone hearing the customer’s complaint could ask, does dropshipping still work?

There is however a solution to this problem. It is advised that upon noticing that products are out of stock, the dropshipper should call the customer and not necessarily send an email. Customers prefer a direct contact and will tend to be more co-operative. The dropshipping company can now promise to get the product from another source or may suggest a similar product.

2.Delay With Processing Orders

How does dropshipping work? Upon sending the customer's order to the producer or manufacturer. The order is processed within 24 hours and the producer or manufacturer ships the product to the customer. The dropshipper informs the customer of this and gives the tracking code.

A problem arises when there is a delay in processing the order and the customer wonders, does dropshipping really work? If this problem is not solved quickly, the customer may suspect fraud and may cancel the order. So the dropshipping company should follow up the order to make sure there is no unusual delay in processing and delivery.

3.When The Order is Misplaced

This is another worry of those that do not support dropshipping. The problem arises when out of mistake or oversight, the dropshipping company or the manufacturer ends up sending the wrong product or the wrong quantity to the customer. People will then wonder how dropship works.

To solve this problem, the dropshipping company and manufacturer should ensure they take adequate care in dealing with customer orders. There should also be a return policy in place which will help the customer return the products easily and quickly. There could also be a small token or discount. Does dropshipping still work? Yes it does! No matter the problems it poses, many people are still doing well in it!

Next, continue reading the most important part,understanding the new way of dropshipping.

Dropshipping: How It Works?

Despite the problems and doubts by different people about the efficiency and effectiveness of dropshipping, chinabrands is still making many customers across the world receive different types of products very fast and as cheaply as possible. The platform provides answers for anyone who may ask, does dropshipping really work? Chinabrands has a portfolio of 500000+ range of quality and cheap products.The platform saves you warehouse, proves how dropship works, and will as well offer the following services:

Important note: the all-around features are showed in this picture. please read more carefully.


1.Efficient Listing Of Products

Chinabrands has a reputation of listing products efficiently. their API technology allows you lick products to yours store only by several clicks. And there are SEO-optimized product descriptions for sellers, which help you save time to copywrite. All the process is simplified into 3 steps: choose products and click to publish products, then the products will be listed on your store.

2.Speedy Processing Of Orders

Whenever an order is received, the highly professional logistics team makes sure that your order is processed and your product shipped within 24 hours to your location. There are 27 different shipping methods on offer. Due to their own warehouses cover more than 100 regions in the world, your order can dropship internationally in time, and even you can track your order with the tracking code. Their offical website shows that their delivery route can add up to 10000 routes, covering five continent.

Why they have such ability? They themselves are big sellers on Amazon,eBay and the more, having integrated massive sources to simplify the supply chain.


3. Quality Products And Massive Selection

Chinabrands has a reputation of researching for beneficial and quality products that will meet customer needs and offer same to its numerous customers all over the world. Currently, they have more than 500000 SKU from beauty, health, clothing, fashion, 3C, to home and more. All product price is the wholesale price, some of them even lower than Aliexpress, because their supply chain is the biggest advantage.

Any product that you list from the Chinabrands platform are from their own-operated suppliers. They have specific QC team and SEO team.There is also a 2% of order amount insurance cover on your ordered products. These services ensure that customer orders are satisfactory delivered all the time.

4. Technology Support Connection

There is a wide variety of marketplaces through which your order can be synchronised. These include Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Support, Lazada, Wish, Jumia, Shopee, Cdiscount, Priceminister, Kilimall, Join, Wadi, Newegg, Linio, etc. This feature maybe the fullest on the market comparing to the similar tools. And the sale channel linking is still increasing. They invest a lot in technology.

5.Efficient Customer Service

Chinabrands has a highly professional customer service department that handles customer complaints and other related issues real-time. This department ensures all language issues and after sale issues in the fastest way possible that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

They have many english-speaking and other language's stuffs, which ensure providing multiple language sites. Currently, they have 6 sites with different languages, including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

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